Visited Our Family In Salt Lake City Utah A Few Weeks Ago

My husband and I lived in Salt Lake City for awhile. He wasn’t from the area and moved there for a job. We met shortly after he moved to the area. A few years after meeting, we got married and relocated for a job outside of the area. However, I still had family that lived there. I started missing my family and Salt Lake City itself since that’s where I grew up. I told my husband we needed to plan a trip there on a weekend so we could visit my family and see some of our friends. He agreed and we made arrangements to visit them on a free weekend.

We made reservations to stay in a hotel in Salt Lake City. I knew my family would offer for us to stay with them, but we just didn’t want to intrude and wanted to have a place to stay alone. We let our family know when we would be coming in so we could make plans to do something with them while there.

When we arrived, the first thing I wanted to do was meet up with my family at a restaurant that was a favorite for me and my husband. We missed eating there and there wasn’t any place that could compare to it where we were living. We love the food and the atmosphere and it was exactly the same as when we lived there.

We had a great time spending time with our family. I felt like our trip was cut short since we were only there for a few days. We agreed that we needed to visit more often so we could see them and our friends that live there too and we plan on doing that.