Visited Friends in Salt Lake City Utah for the Weekend

Utah For The Weekend

My husband and I were looking to getaway for a weekend. We had some friends that had moved to Salt Lake City Utah and we wanted to visit them. Before making any arrangements, we wanted to figure out which weekend would work best for them so we could make plans.

I called my friend on the phone and asked her if they were up for a weekend visit from us and which weekend would work best. She said they were always up to hang out with us and that we could stay there. She said the following weekend would work the best and I let my husband know.

My husband said that he really didn’t want to stay in their house, but wanted to stay at a hotel instead. He said he would feel more comfortable doing that and less intrusive even though our friends said it was okay. So I started searching around for a place to stay while we were in Salt Lake City Utah.

I went online and looked at the hotels in the area and found one that was pretty cheap and was also available to stay in for the weekend. I was able to make reservations online so we could stay there and I let my friends know we would be doing that instead of crashing at their home.

We couldn’t wait to visit our friends and had never been to any part of Utah even though it was close to the state we live in. We were able to easily find our friends home using the GPS in our car and they showed us where the hotel was that we were staying in. We had a great weekend with friends and a much needed getaway.