Utah Isn’t Just For Mormons

When most people think of who might live in Utah, they largely think of members of the Mormon faith. It is true that there is a sizeable Mormon population across the state of Utah, but this inclusive and diverse state is open to every American looking for a reason to live here, and there are quite a few possibilities.

Professional athletes of several sports live, reside, and work in Utah. That includes 15 players of the Utah Jazz of the NBA every season, as well as minor league teams in baseball, hockey, and other sports.

Other sporting enthusiasts call Utah home to be close to the amazing geography and wilderness. Skiiers love the slopes of this state, which are just as good as their famous counterparts to the east in Colorado, but often cheaper and far less crowded. Snowboarders also love Utah for these same reasons.

Summer sports and outdoor activities also draw nature enthusiasts from around the country and even the world. The hiking here is rugged yet wonderful, with many great views awaiting those that make it to the tops of ridges and peaks. The canyons and valleys have tremendous opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, and rafting.

Car enthusiasts of possibly the most hard-core variety are often drawn to the Salt Lake flats. This is often the proving ground for new vehicles going for land speed records. Races are common here, and many world records have fallen here, only to be established again.

Many come just for the jobs. The unemployment rate is so low in Utah that many residents come here just to find work, as there is far more demand for labor than there is actual population to support the needs of the local economy. This has caused a migration of those looking for opportunities.