Two Must See Attractions In The State Of Utah

Are you a Mormon who is planning a pilgrimage to the state of Utah in the near future? Since Salt Lake City is the headquarters of the Mormon faith, it’s not unusual for followers of this religion to make their way to the state at least once in their life to visit Temple Square, which is located in Salt Lake City. But there is more to Utah than Temple Square. Keep reading below to learn about other attractions you should consider visiting while in the state of Utah.

Great Salt Lake

One of the main attractions for tourists and residents alike in the state of Utah is the Great Salt Lake. The beautiful calm waters and the unusually buoyant nature of the waters make this a favorite attraction, specially for locals. Swimmers and sunbathers flock here every year, especially at Antelope Island State Park. Water skiing and boating are other common activities one can expect to see here.

Bryce Canyon State Park

This park is located in southern Utah, and is most well known for its stone spire formations that reach towards the sky. Because it is located far away from big-city light pollution, stargazers and amateur astronomers love spending the night here because of the beautiful and unobstructed views of the night sky that can be enjoyed here with a clarity one just can’t get from city locations.

In the summer, to get the best view of the park during the day, visitors will often rent horseback tours that carry them all throughout the canyons and give them access to views that are nearly impossible to get on foot.

The state of Utah has more to offer than simply being the headquarters for those of a particular religion. If you ever find yourself in the state, consider checking out the two areas listed above to experience some of the best Utah has to offer.