This Time We Are Traveling to Murray Utah to Look at Top Restaurants

We have made it back to Utah once again, and I am going to take you to a city to look at popular restaurants. We haven’t been to Murray, Utah yet, so let’s go there. I was born in Murray, but Murray KY and not Murray UT. Still, the name of the city stuck out to me, and we haven’t looked at restaurants there yet in any of the last articles about Utah. So let’s see what three top establishments in Murray look like great places to enjoy a meal.

Tea Rose Diner is one of them, and you know I like diners if you have been reading the restaurant articles. Tea Rose Diner is located on East 5th Avenue, and while small, looks really cute. Would you have guessed that this establishment serves up Thai food? One reviewer even talks about enjoying a garlic burger with mashed potatoes, too, so maybe the menu is a bit more eclectic.

Braza Grill is located on South State Street, and its menu highlights look really unique. The establishment is know for its skewers and much more. It truly is a different type of restaurant. Reviewers talk about making reservations, so be sure you are going to be able to get a table if you want to eat at Braza Grill.

Left Fork Grill is the third restaurant we are going to explore in Murray UT. It is located on West 3900 South, and it serves up biscuits and gravy for starters. The breakfast food looks good, but the menu highlights also talk about meatloaf, and the reviews talk about a pie shelf. Okay, are you going to be able to pass up eating some pie? You probably don’t even have to wonder which of these three restaurants I would eat at first.