The Great Salt Lake

One of the most talked about tourist destinations in the entire state of Utah is the Great Salt Lake. The Great Salt Lake is what is left over of a huge lake called Lake Bonneville. The Great Salt Lake is landlocked and the water is very salty. It is the largest lake between the Pacific Ocean and the Great Lakes. In the Western Hemisphere, it is the largest saltwater lake in existence.

There are many interesting legends about this fantastic lake and many early explorers believe that it was an inland extension leading to the Pacific Ocean. Many early settlers, and a few Indians, believe that the lake contained a horrendous monster who had a huge head. The many legends of this lake add to the intriguing assortment of Utah’s colorful history and landscape.

To see this beautiful lake you can view it from a variety of locations. Some of the locations include Ensign Peak which is on the north edge of Salt Lake City, various trails on Antelope Island, along the lake’s south shore line on Interstate 80, and at various bench locations in Centreville, Bountiful, and Farmington.

There are two full-service marinas. One marina is located at Antelope Island and the other is located at the Great Salt Lake State Marina. Sailing is very popular as well as swimming and sunbathing. There are beautiful white sandy beaches at the Antelope Island State Park.

The water has a salinity of 12% which is more saltier than the ocean. People can easily float on top of the water because of this salinity. After a swim in the lake you can rinse off at one of the many freshwater showers that are available for the public. Yes, not only is the Great Salt Lake the most talked about tourist destination in Utah it is also perhaps the most visited.