Seeking A Great Place To Live In Salt Lake City

Great Place To Live

My husband is one of those people who sees something on television and uses it as an excuse to make large changes in his life. I have gotten used to it, so it does not bother me as much as it could. A few months ago we were watching an episode of House Hunters, now he has this idea that Slat Lake City would be the best place to live in the entire world.

I have always lived on the East Coast, so this is not something I have even considered. With that said, the places that we saw on the episode were pretty nice in comparison to the real estate that is available in our city. The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that everything is so much cheaper. I could mortgage an entire home there for less than the price of the crappy apartment that we are living in. This means that we can save more and have a much larger retirement fund.

Neither of us has ever been to that area, so this will really be an adventure. We will be heading out there is a few months to see how we like the place before we take a chance and jump in head first. The last thing we want is to uproot all three of our children then we find out that none of us is happy with out new place. This is why we are traveling there in a few months. The kids will be out of school and they will be able to tag along. It is important that they adore our new place just as much as we do, so we are going to allow them to have some input in this decision.