Salt Lake Housing Dominates Utah’s Residential Real Estate Market

Utah is not an especially populous state. In fact, most of the state is a particularly rural and sometimes desolate place. It’s not all desert, as is sometimes imagined, as there are many wooded areas and other beautiful biomes. In fact, there’s quite a bit of skiing, rafting, climbing, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities across this magnificent state.

Having said all that, the urban area of Salt Lake City and the metropolitan area around it certainly do account for most of the state’s population. A handful of other smaller cities dot the map here and there, but for the most part, most everyone who lives in Utah is within a reasonable daily commute of Salt Lake City.

As such, Salt Lake housing dominates the residential market for real estate across the entire state. This city is home to apartments, condominiums, townhomes, and single-family detached homes spread out across neighborhoods. In each of these categories, there are units available for sale and for rent.

Of course the possibilities for renting slant more towards apartments while the ownership opportunities are more likely to be detached houses, but there are some apartments for sale in premium or high-end buildings, especially around the center of the city.

Some houses are also available for renting out, which appeals to a number of groups. Some working families want the perks that come with living in a residential neighborhood even if they can not afford their own home yet. Tourists, visiting professionals, and seasonal workers also sometimes like to rent a house to stay in rather than shack up in an apartment complex.

Of course many apartments on the Salt Lake housing market have their own advantages, often including no yard work, free maintenance, swimming pools, fitness centers, and some security amenities.