Recently Relocated To Salt Lake City Utah For A Job

Lake City Utah

I recently applied for a job with the company that I have worked at for many years. I love the company and everything they stand for. When I saw this job posted within the company, I really wanted to apply for it. It was a managerial position that would require me to move, but it paid very well and I was ready for a change. I applied for the job and within just a week, I had an interview set up with it. I had talked to my boss about this position before applying and he said he thought I was qualified for it and that I would be offered the job. He also said he would put in a good word for me.

As my interview approached, I was a little nervous about it all. I was anxious about the interview, but also about being offered the job and moving to Salt Lake City, Utah. I was pretty happy with the way the interview went and really thought I had a good chance at getting the job. Later that day, they called me to offer me the job and gave me the starting date for it.

I was able to get moved to Salt Lake City the week before the job started. In that period of time, I was able to adjust to the city and the great state of Utah. I found some things that were in the area and got familiar with my surroundings.

I am so happy I took the chance and applied for the job. It was a great move and the job has been really good so far. I have been happy with the way everything has worked out and love living in Utah now.