Midvale Utah Is About To Show You Some Fine Restaurants

We have been all over Utah looking at restaurants together. Now it is time to look at some more of them, and we are taking off to Midvale UT to see what is going down. There are 137 restaurants in Midvale according to a top travel site, and we are about to stop by three of them. Are you ready to see what all Midvale has to offer when it comes to fine foods?

The first stop is Joe Morley’s Smoked Beef, and it is on West Center Street. You are talking about ribs, barbecue sandwiches and much more. The reviews say that there are mud pies, too. Let’s of course assume that those mud pies are a very delicious dessert and do not have anything to do with the mud pies that children make using dirt and water. In all seriousness, you have heard of mud pies, right? They are delish!

Now let’s stop by Midvale Mining Company, and it is located on West 7200 South. There are scones, honey butter, prime rib and steak, among other things. Another popular menu item according to reviews is the grilled Atlantic Salmon. This sounds like a really neat place to catch a bite to eat, wouldn’t you agree. Okay folks, there is time for one more great restaurant in Midvale, Utah.

Village Baker is on West 9000 South, and they serve up pizza, sandwiches, cookies and more. They offer up gourmet pizzas, and you can also take them to bake yourself at home. Now isn’t that really neat? If you ask me, I am going to have to try the gourmet pizza first, but the first two restaurants mentioned were also exceptional. You should pay a visit to all three of them, and you will have had a great sampling of what Midvale has to offer concerning food.