Looking for an Apartment in Salt Lake City

Looking For An Apartment

Two years ago I had my second child and I decided I wanted to move. The area I live in is not a great place to raise a family, so relocating came to mind right away. The fact that there are so many violent crimes makes me worry too much about what will happen to my children as they get older.

The first place that came to mind when I started looking for a new location was Salt Lake City. My mother is originally from there and she always talks about how great the city is. I am sure the environment is very slow paced when compared to cities like Los Angeles, Boston and New York City. All I know is that I checked out the schools and the crime rate; both were an improvement over my current situation.

I am going to fly out there in a few weeks and look at some apartments. I am hoping to find an apartment complex that has a pool. I know that these are quite popular out West, so that is on the top of my list. I have been browsing the listings online and I have seen a few that caught my eye. I have also been researching each neighborhood so I know I am not moving from one rough community to another. So far, I have not come across anything that is particularly terrible.

I will be staying with my aunt and uncle when I head out there. I am sure they can give me a lot more insight than I have found on the Web. If everything goes right, I will be putting down a deposit and moving my little family in about a month and half. I really do not want the process to take any longer than that.