Looking At The Fascinating State Of Utah

Fascinating State Of Utah

Utah is a Western state in the United States that has a stunning history and is truly unique, even among states. They are known for an extremely large Mormon population and are in fact the home for the Church of Latter Day Saints. This stems back from a history in the early States of religious persecution that resulted in believers needing to go further and further out to the territories where they could be away from persecution. This is why the population of Utah was well established well before the territory even came close to becoming an actual state.

Salt Lake City is not only the capital city, it is the largest city in the state in both population and size. Not surprisingly named after the Great Salt Lake, the largest such lake in all of North America, this beautiful city is known for being extremely clean, stunningly beautiful, and having a very friendly population. There are three major universities in the state: Utah, Utah State, and the renowned Brigham Young University (BYU).

The natural beauty of the state is renowned. Not only are there large areas of desert, but many of the most popular desert based State and National Parks in the entire nation are here and rival the Grand Canyon in the eyes of some, but there are also amazing forests, mountainous terrain, and more. This blend of different types of landscape means that whatever you consider your ideal in natural beauty will be found somewhere in the state.

Add in a heavy tourist economy, mining, and a strong sense of business that encourages investment both in and out of state, and you have an interesting and unique blend that comes together to create the state we all know as modern day Utah.