Learn More About Salt Lake

Salt Lake is the largest natural saltwater lake anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. The capital city of Utah got its name from the lake. In prehistoric times this Lake was even larger and covered a significant portion of western Utah.

Many tourist and locals alike enjoy biking or hiking on the shoreline that was created by the ancient lake. This lake has its own version of the infamous Loch Ness monster and here it is called the North Shore Monster. For such a large lake it’s relatively shallow and at its deepest part, it is only about 35 ft. How wide and far this like reaches often depends on the year’s rainfall but for most average years this lake is 1700 square miles.


Many people enjoy using the lake for sailing, kayaking, bird watching, biking the shoreline, and cruising the waters at sunset. Many people simply enjoy floating in the lake. Similar to the high salt content in the Dead Sea this lake also has a high salt content that makes it easy to float in the water. Some people believe that it has healing powers.

Is There Fishing?

Again, like the Dead Sea, the heavy salt content means that there is little or no fish in much of the lake. Although the Dead Sea is in a completely different part of the world, it can be compared to Salt Lake.

The name ‘Dead Sea’ came from the fact that little or nothing lived in those waters. But in the same way, Salt Lake has an extremely high salt content and this prevents most life from existing in the water. It is an incredibly unique place to visit and almost all will enjoy the experience. Salt Lake has a long history and is enjoyed by thousands of tourist each year.