Learn 5 Things To Do While Visiting Utah

There are many different aspects to the American Dream. It often centers around getting an education, having a well-paying and respectable career, owning a home, and having a family with car and kids. Another common feature to it is a long road trip out across the great American West. Make sure your trip includes some time in Utah, and while you’re here, do some of the following 5 things:

1) Watch racing and speed tests: The flats around the actual Great Salt Lake that do not currently have water or never will again form flat, dry terrain that make for proving grounds for land speed records.

2) Enjoy the outdoors: Much of Utah is wilderness and preserved nature. Enjoy deep canyons, river rafting, spacious golfing, hiking with views, and skiing and snowboarding the slopes of this mountainous state.

3) Learn about the Mormon faith: It dominates this state, and there are many museums and educational opportunities to learn about it.

4) Catch NBA action: The only major league sports franchise to call Utah home is the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City. With 41 regular season home games each fall, winter, and spring, you can see all other 29 league teams visit at least once per year.

5) Visit Four Corners: You’ll find this in the actual southeastern corner of the state. It’s the only place in the United States that forms a ‘quadpoint’ between four states. Many ‘tripoints’ exist where three states intersect, but here is the only time you can put two hands and feet on the ground and simultaneously be in four states at once. If you only have time to briefly touch Utah on your trip, doing so here means you can check off Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado at the same time too.