Interesting Facts About Utah

Utah is one of the states in the western United States and became the 45th state that was admitted on 4 January 1896 to the U.S. This state has a population of over 3 million people and around 80% of these residents reside along the Wasatch Front, which centers on Salt Lake City the state capital. Here are some interesting facts about this area:

•Utah currently has the very highest literacy rates throughout the U.S.

•The Utah Lake is 12 miles across and 24 miles in length and around 41% of this lake evaporates every year. Years ago there was once a show-boat on this lake which featured an orchestra and on-deck dancing.

•New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah meet up at 4 corners and are the only area in the US where 4 states meet.

•The Great Salt Lake in Utah is about 4 times more salty than any ocean in the world. If you boiled one quart of this water that was derived from a portion of this lake that is the most salty, around ½ cup of salt would be left behind. The saltiness is contributed to when the ancient Lake Bonneville had dried up, minerals and salt remained behind. As this lake diminished there was no streams that ran out to sea, and the deposits of salt became very concentrated in this lake.

•The name “Utah” was derived from a name given to the Ute Native American tribe. This name translates into “people of the mountains.”

•Due to the fact that Utah is located centrally in the Intermountain West, it is typically known as the “Crossroads of the West”. The geography behind this area features 3 major land areas which include the Colorado Plateau, the Basin and Ridge Region and the Rocky Mountains.