Found The Perfect Home In Salt Lake City

After renting a home for several years, my husband and I finally decided to buy a home. We had talked about it and it was always something that we wanted to do, but we didn’t think we would be able to get approved for a home loan without a down payment. Over the years, we saved up our money and finally had enough to put down on a home.

We started searching the Salt Lake area for homes for sale that were within our price range. We wanted to make sure we didn’t get in over our heads on a loan and not be able to afford the payments on it. I found several homes that were within our budget and I saved them so I could show my husband to see what he thought. I wanted him to look at them before I made arrangements with a real estate agent to see them in person. Almost every one that I found, he wanted to look at. I was able to contact the real estate agent through the listing and set up a good time to look at the homes.

We looked at about 10 homes before we found the one that was perfect for us. After determining that was the one we wanted to buy, the bank got the loan processed and we were able to buy the home. It took a few months before we closed on the home, but were able to move into it when we finally did. We love our new home in Salt Lake and we are so happy we decided to buy a home rather than rent one. I am glad we were able to easily buy it and get a loan with the down payment we had saved.