Found Affordable Salt Lake City Housing When I Moved

I was living with a roommate and looking to move out once our contract was up on the apartment we rented. I wanted to find something affordable for a single person without a roommate. I was ready to live on my own after living with someone else for a few years. I had to find something within my budget.

I went to the store and grabbed a newspaper to see what I could find listed for rent there. I found a few places that I called about because it wasn’t really clear if the utilities were included in the rent. After calling about those, I decided to look at them in person because they seemed affordable. But after I looked at them, I realized they weren’t really what I wanted and not in a great location either.

I went online and searched for Salt Lake City housing and found a website that had several apartments and homes for rent in the area. I loved looking at this website because it contained lots of information about the apartments and there were several pictures to look through. After comparing the rent and the area these apartments were in, I contacted the landlords so I could see them in person. They were affordable and seemed to be just what I wanted.

After I looked at these apartments, I was able to figure out which one would work out the best for me. I got everything set up and was able to move in within the same week. I love my new apartment and I really love living on my own. My roommate wasn’t bad, but it’s refreshing to live by yourself after living with someone like I did for a few years. I am happy I made that choice.