Find Some Delicious Meals At These Salt Lake City Restaurants

We just got done visiting three more Salt Lake restaurants virtually. Are you ready for another round of three? When you visit a city like Salt Lake, you want to pay attention to its historic areas as well as its newer areas, so you want to be sure that you stop by downtown Salt Lake when you want to grab a good meal and see the sights. In the last article, there was a restaurant on Main Street, and this time, the first Salt Lake City restaurant is going to be on Market Street.

The establishment is Market Street Grill, and you already know where to find it. With Market Street in the name, that lets you know that you are in for a treat, don’t you think? You are talking about seafood, soups and all kinds of great brunch menu items, too. If that doesn’t sound delicious just yet, make sure you check out the full menu for this top restaurant in Salt Lake.

For the next featured Salt Lake City restaurant, let’s stop on by Lone Star Taqueria. It is on East Fort Union Boulevard, and it is serving up great Mexican cuisine. I noticed the menu highlights featured fish tacos, too. I have only tried fish tacos once, and they were certainly delicious. If you have yet to try out this popular delicacy, maybe it is time now at Lone Star Taqueria.

I am always on the lookout for a good burger when going out to eat, and that is what you can find at Crown Burgers. According to reviewers, the fry sauce is one thing you certainly want to try. So not only does the place have great burgers fries and more, but the fry sauce is excellent, too. Now pick a place to eat at first out of these three in Salt Lake City.