Do You Ever See Mail with the Letters Ut in the Address

Mail with the Letters

Do you ever see mail with the letters UT in the return address? If so, you have gotten mail from the state of Utah. This is a Western state that sits directly east of Colorado, northwest of New Mexico, and North of Arizona. If you have ever heard of the Four Corners tourist attraction, those are the four states that share the place. It’s a place where you can get down on your hands and feet and physically be in four different states at the same time. If you look on a map of the United States, you’ll also notice that it’s the only place where you can accomplish this.

There is simply no other point on the map where four states all intersect at one spot. There’s plenty of triples, or three-point intersections, but this is the only quadruple one, which is why it’s a cute tourist attraction. Although, it admittedly does help that the intersection lays on flat terrain that can be driven to and was developed with ease.

That’s probably not what mapmakers had in mind though when they created the state of Utah. As a matter of fact, the issue that really determined whether or not Utah could be admitted into the Union was polygamy. It was a common practice among those associated with the Mormon faith prior to statehood, but it was illegal in the already admitted states at the time, as it is now. There was a compromise struck where Utah would agree to monogamy as law of the land in order to gain entry into the Union as an equal state.

Four Corners is far from the only tourist attraction in Utah, so if you’re traveling to see sites in surrounding states, don’t assume you should just blast through Utah because there’s nothing to do there.