Discover Utah

For those wanting a truly unique experience on their travels, they should consider Utah. Here you can enjoy a weekend at the spa, or hike through its famous red rock. If you’re an adrenaline junkie or someone looking to enjoy the tranquility of the national parks, this area has what you’re looking for.

In the wintertime, this area offers some great opportunities for snowboarding and skiing. For those into mountain biking, they will find some great opportunities at Slickrock in Moab. If it’s white water rafting you’re looking for you can find it at Cataract Canyon. And for those who want to experience a bit of the Old West, there is the tour of areas that include outlaw hideouts and areas that were known for stick-ups.

Winter Sports

Back in 2002, the Olympic Winter Games were hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah. Following its success, the area embraced winter sports. Here you will find development programs, recreational camps, and an assortment of winter sporting activities. Anyone wanting to get in snowboarding or skiing will love the over 500 inches of powder snow that falls here each winter. The area has some of the most challenging slopes in the world.

Just For Your Amusement

Have lots of fun in the sun at the amusement parks in the area. Lagoon is one of the most popular amusement parks in the state. It’s famous for one of its truly thrilling roller coaster rides. It has rides for the family and for those of all ages. There’s also Pioneer Village which has live entertainment every day of the week. Here you can enjoy buildings and stores from the 19th century. Check out their rare gun collection and enjoy there miniature circus and trains.

Utah is a great state with many attractions for all tastes. It offers many unique activities that the whole family can enjoy.