Check Out These Two Places When In Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Utah is consistently rated as one of the best places to live in the United States. Thanks to the revitalization efforts that took place in preparation for the 2002 Winter Olympics hosted there, the city has a lot to offer those visiting or who call it home. Consider checking out the two attractions below if you ever find yourself in Salt Lake City.

Whether you like skiing or rock climbing, or just like hiking along challenging mountain trails, you’ll find all of these in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Visitors to the area consider Big Cottonwood Canyon as one of the best and most beautiful canyons in the state of Utah. In the summer months, there are plenty of outdoor activities available to folks visiting. Just be aware of the moose as they sometimes get a little aggressive. In the winter there are several ski slopes for snow hounds.

After spending a day at Big Cottonwood Canyon, you will have worked up a hearty appetite. For an awesome meal at a restaurant with a great view, give The Roof Restaurant a try.

The Roof Restaurant is located on the 10th floor,and the exterior walls are mostly clear glass windows that allow diners to take in an awesome view of the city of Salt Lake, especially the Capitol building and the Salt Lake Temple.

While kids are allowed, this restaurant is probably more suited for romantic dinners for couples and small group gatherings. some of the favorite dishes most recommended at The Roof Restaurant are the prime rib and the chicken cordon bleu.

Salt Lake City has plenty to offer, which makes it difficult to narrow down your choices of where to visit of what to do when visiting the city. Hopefully the two suggestions mentioned above will make your decision an easier one.