Called a Locksmith in Salt Lake When I Locked My Keys in My Car

I was in a rush the other day and running late for work. I ran into the store to grab a drink before going into work and I realized when I got back to my car that I had locked my keys in it. It figures something like that would happen to me while I was running late. I was normally not in a rush and not running late and I had never locked my keys in my car before. I wasn’t sure what to do since my phone was also in the car. I went back into the store to ask them if they knew of any locksmiths in the area that could help me out. The guy working said he hadn’t ever ran into that problem before, but said he would look up a locksmith and call them.

After waiting about 10 minutes a locksmith from Salt Lake City showed up to get my car unlocked. They were able to easily unlock my car for me. I had used the store phone already to call my job to let them know I would be later. After it was all said and done I was only about 30 minutes late for work which wasn’t a big deal. I did talk to a few co-workers that suggested I call my insurance company to see if they covered the fee for the locksmith. One of my co-workers said that happened to her and her insurance company reimbursed her when they got the receipt of payment. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check it out and I was in luck because it happened to be something they did cover. I sent them the receipt and they sent me a check.