Benefits Of Salt Lake

Salt Lake contributes to Utah’s economy. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Evaporation ponds near the edge of the lake offer salt and Brine and high-quality minerals. These minerals include sodium chloride, which is used in water softeners and Salt Lick blocks for the livestock.

This salt is also used to melt ice on local roadways. However food-grade salt is not produced from the late. This would require further crossly processing in order to ensure that it’s pure.

And produced. The small less than a centimeter long brine shrimp and fish food.

These small brine shrimp are worth $35 a pound in some areas. First harvested in the 50s they were sold as commercial fish food. In the 70s they changed their focus to the eggs of the brine shrimp which are referred to as cysts. These were sold usually out of the US in order to be used for shrimp. Today, however, these are sold in both East Asia as well as South America. The cyst and their quality are always affected by a variety of factors including the salinity.

In order for this to hatch takes two to three percent salinity. However, the greatest amount of salinity is above 10% in the lake. When the salinity drops to five or 6%, the cyst lose their buoyancy and they sink which makes it more difficult to harvest the cysts.

In addition to drawing the attraction of a variety of scientists and tourists, the lake offers up many great benefits to the region including the fact that it’s used as a tourist attraction and to boost the economy.

Bird watchers from around the world flock to Salt Lake to see the different species that call Salt Lake their home. Even a pink flamingo once called the area home after escaping from a zoo.