Beautiful Utah

Utah is a wonderland. All of the West is unique in its drastic departure from the Eastern United States in its varied topography. Utah has the best of everything within its borders.

From the rolling, wide open landscape that goes on as far as the eyes can see with segments of seemingly unending round green boulders that emerge from the land as soon as you enter the state from Nevada.

The place is stunningly beautiful. It’s one wonder after another, from the Wasatch Mountains’ breathtaking views to Canyonlands National Park. Whitewater rafters look to this park for the holy grail of the sport, beyond where the Colorado River intersects with the Green River.

When you reach Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument you will just be dumb struck. Partially pondering how Utah looks like all this all at once, and wondering how Grand Staircase came to be, it’s mind numbing. It’s the largest monument of the nation at 1.8 million acres of splendor.

Another area that will leave you simultaneously bewildered and astonished is Arches National Park. How did they form and why are there not more arches throughout more of the land is the question.

Moving on to Byrce Canyon National Park, you will wonder how far in the sky it goes. It seems to kiss the sky, as the sun makes massive shadows from the canyon markers.

One wonder that’s unique to Utah is the presence of salt flats. Between the Great Salt Lake and Bonneville Salt Flats, people love to visit, play, and discover the properties. From finding out how fast they can go to enjoying taking “trick” photos posing standing where they should normally sink, it’s all in good fun. The Silver Island Range is to the north of Bonneville Salt Flats, creating a salt “range” heading well north.